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Founded in January 2022, Safe Spaces is a policy consulting firm with offices in Taipei and Washington DC. We focus on advising and assisting clients with political and business issues, especially those concerning US-Taiwan relations, Taiwan politics, trade, media, and governments. 

Founded and managed by a close-knit team of policy professionals, we differentiate ourselves from other firms with our flexibility, creativity, and experiences.


We see ourselves as innovators who seek to take advantage of needs arising from the new political and economic environments brought about by key changes, such as U.S-China competition, trade dispute, and Taiwan's continued democratization and liberalization.

Our Focus.

1. Democratizing opportunities for young professionals

2. Bringing about an observable social difference through our work

3. Deliver results effectively and at an efficient budget

4. Operate through a socially conscious business model

5. Engage with emergent leaders, advisors, and partners

Our Team

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